Tweakerz FAQ

  • What is Tweakerz?
  • How does it work?
  • What makes Tweakerz different from other bra accessories?
  • Who needs Tweakerz?
  • Which Tweakerz is best of me?
  • Does Tweakerz work under all clothing?
  • Does Tweakerz work with any style bra?
  • Does Tweakerz really slim?
  • Why buy Tweakerz?
  • How did you come up with the idea for Tweakerz?
  • How should I care for my Tweakerz?
  • Where is Tweakerz manufactured?
  • Where can I find Tweakerz?

What is T weakerz?
Tweakerz is a revolutionary bra accessory. Its hypoallergenic, patented designed gives the wearer lift, support and the appearance of cleavage, while providing the option to convert your standard bra to a racerback style. This easy-to-use accessory with customizable piece, is comfortable and allows the wearer conceal unsightly bra straps, even with special occasion attire.

How does it work?
Tweakerz’s unique design is virtually invisible under clothing. It lies flat against your back rather than looping or twisting around bra straps, creating a visible bulge. After adjusting the customizable, middle piece of your Tweakerz and positioning your bra cups to a desired lift, slide Tweakerz under both sides of your bra straps. Adjust Tweakerz up and down on your back until finding the ideal position to accommodate your attire of choice. Tweakerz Tip: When first trying your Tweakerz, start with a larger adjustment size and work down to a smaller, tighter fight.

What makes Tweakerz different from other bra accessories?
Tweakerz distinct design and adjustability is what makes this product truly unique. Unlike all other bra accessories, Tweakerz offers its wearer an fully customizable middle piece that offers 3.5 inches of variability. It takes into account each wearer’s specific fit needs and even improves posture.
Tweakerz allows women to wear a vast array of fashionable tops and dresses without worrying about unsightly bra straps on display.

Who needs Tweakerz?
Any woman who has experienced the frustration of bra shopping or “bra-drama” (as Mandy dubbed it) will benefit from Tweakerz. Tweakerz is great for women who long to create cleavage, are looking for the right fit for special occasions attire, need a little lift, or want to convert regular bras to racerback styles for specific shirts. Tweakerz is every girl’s must-have accessory.

Does Tweakerz work under all clothing?
Tweakerz is the most discreet bra accessory on the market. No bulging, bunching or pinching can be seen through clothing. Tweakerz lies completely flat so that bra straps do not bunch or twist. Tweakerz distributes weight evenly across your back. Since there’s no difficult weaving or complicated looping, using your Tweakerz is as easy as sliding it under your bra strap. You can even wear Tweakerz while working out!

Does Tweakerz work with any style bra?
Tweakerz works with most style bras. The easy-to-use accessory simply slides under your favorite bra strap and attaches to the opposing strap. Tweakerz does not work with minimizers or strapless styles.

Does Tweakerz really slim?
Tweakerz is a confidence booster for most women due to the impressive slimming effect. Because it provides lift and support, it improves posture, which immediately makes you look slimmer. In addition, since breasts are now lifted to a desired position, the torso looks elongated and focus returns to the waist.

Why buy Tweakerz?
Tweakerz is the perfect accessory for your bra wardrobe. Not only does it create cleavage, prevent bra straps from sliding down, and offer lift and support while enhancing the shape of your breasts, but Tweakerz also has a slimming effect, especially noticeable on larger busted women. It revives old bras and converts countless bras to styles such as racerbacks.

How did you come up with the idea for Tweakerz?
Tweakerz creator, Mandy Krammel, developed her product out of necessity. As a busy mother, Mandy noticed that after her pregnancy her breasts changed. She always wanted to create the ideal bra accessory for an entire bra wardrobe, and she realized the importance of giving women confidence about their bodies. She worked meticulously to design a fully customizable product that was not only functional, but could be stylish and fashionable, too.

How should I care for my Tweakerz?
Tweakerz is easy to care for. Clean with warm soapy water. Rinse with clean water and dry thoroughly.

Where is Tweakerz manufactured?
Tweakerz was developed and manufactured right here in the USA. Tweakerz creator and Florida resident, Mandy Krammel, made it her mission to find engineers and designers that were located locally and understood her vision. It was very important to her for this product to be made and manufactured in the USA.

Where can I find Tweakerz?
Tweakerz will be available soon at upscale boutiques and lingerie stores throughout Florida, as well as in our online store. Please signup and we will notify you once Tweakerz is available.


Customizable & Flexible

Creates Cleavage

Support & Lift

Hide Bra Straps

Easy to Put On