Breast management deserves a guide, and we have one for you! The good news is, once you have one, you won’t let it go! Be sure to read Part l that was published last week. And read down for our promised secret!

Continuing With Cleavage Etiquette:

Test that outfit before you leave the house! A neckline can look perfectly innocent when you are standing straight, but leaning over can be a whole other story. Test your outfit before you leave the house by bending over to pick up something from the floor and stretch across a table or lean down into a desk. Take a peek down your shirt when you are standing straight and if you can inside, so can someone who is hovering around your desk when you are seated.

Just because you see women on TV and in the movies sporting cleavage, in all types of situations, does not mean it is appropriate for the office. They are in a “fantasy” world of sorts, playing make believe roles. You are in the real world where you want to earn respect and raises, and too much cleavage will hinder those goals.

Cleavage Wrinkles

Just like the skin anywhere else on our bodies, the skin on our cleavage has to be protected from the sun as well. The number one cause of wrinkles on the chest is the sun. Wearing sunscreen is the most important thing you can do to keep away cleavage wrinkles and have the  décolletage you want – smooth and creamy. The skin on our chests is very thin and very prone to wrinkles, so moisturize but sunscreen everyday too, before you walk out that door!

The Secret – Tweakerz

Tweakerz is a bra accessory that lifts and supports your breasts while enhancing cleavage and it works! Knock off 20 years by using this easy to wear accessory that pulls the bra straps of any bras together in the back and anchoring them firmly. Once you try Tweakerz and see how great they look on you, you will wear them everyday. An added benefit is that is makes sure my bra straps are hidden when I wear sleeveless shirts. I don’t even have to buy racerback bras anymore, I use Tweakerz and any bra works with my racerback shirts. Check out my secret to a better looking bust and more support –!