Dr. Randall F. Laurich, Chiropractor www.Wellness-Experience.com Tweakerz will not only take the pressure off your shoulders, it will also reduce strain on the neck (cervical spine). In addition to decreased spine stress, Tweakerz also causes less irritation on the skin, especially compared to some of the inferior products I have seen. The patented Tweakerz design has increased flexibility, so it conforms to the body’s natural movement. The result is less pressure on both the skin surface and vertebrae.

With heavier chests, the thoracic spine usually compensates, causing unnecessary strain. The Tweakerz product reduces that compensation by encouraging a more natural postural position. This will allow for less hunching and a healthier posture. Changing the position of your bra strap will also eliminate the indentation on the skin where the bra strap rests. Although there are many benefits to using this product, Tweakerz users will primarily experience:

Increased comfort Postural improvement Less strain on the neck

Customizable & Flexible

Creates Cleavage

Support & Lift

Hide Bra Straps

Easy to Put On