Breast management deserves a guide, and we have one for you! The good news is, once you have one, you won’t let it go! Part I is this week, and we will continue with great tips next week!

The Basics of Breast Etiquette

Our breasts are one of our body parts that make us uniquely feminine and beautiful. We use them to breast feed our children. And we get pleasure from them, we love our erogenous zones, right? Size doesn’t matter, whether you are an AA cup or D or higher, they all function the same and give us thrills.

That is all satisfying and wonderful except when it’s not. Why do we say you need a guide? Well, first there is an issue of cleavage etiquette in that, how much is too much? And is too little in one situation not enough in another? Since the average bra size in the USA is a 36DD, yes you read that right, a 36DD, breasts stand out in their own right based on size alone.

Support is key, we need a bra that fits us well AND flatters our breast shape and size. Your bra also has to lift and support and guard against wardrobe malfunctions. We love our little Tweakerz secret to solve many of theses problems, but more about that later. So we need a guide!

Work Cleavage: How Much Is Too Much?

It all depends on the type of work that you do and where you work. When you work in an office, it’s a wise idea to keep the “girls” undercover. Cleavage is the hollow between your breasts. Flaunting your cleavage in an office setting, or even a retail setting, shows you aren’t taking your job seriously to others, even though YOU think you look great. Maybe you do, but that’s not the place for it. Save the cleavage for a night out with your guy.

Now if you work in show business or a bar, cleavage showing may be a positive rather than a negative. Since most of us work in an office setting, the guidelines for that are as follows:

Don’t wear low cut necklines or push up bras. More cleavage means you look less serious about your work. Even worse, people may think, what were YOU thinking when you put on that outfit. If you want to get ahead, keep the job, and have people, especially your boss, take you seriously, ditch the breast show. You don’t have to wear turtlenecks. Just be fashionable and make sure your cleavage doesn’t show.

Don’t believe that everyone just loves seeing your cleavage. People get offended or at least feel uncomfortable when they see a woman bursting out of her shirt in a business setting. Covering up your cleavage keeps clients and co-workers happy. Why have one more distraction when you are there to do a job? Cover up the cleavage and keep one less complication out of your interactions in business relationships. And it’s good manners.

We will continue with our “tech support” guide to cleavage management next week. Come back then for the rest of the guide!