Most things in life need good foundations, and the same applies to dressing. The importance of underwear that fits well and flatters your clothing should not be underestimated. It’s the foundation of every outfit you wear.

Don’t skimp on bras, as that is the single most important investment you can make in looking shapely. The key is to make sure it fits properly. 80% of women are wearing a bra that is the wrong size. When your bra fits properly it changes your whole shape and makes your clothing look flattering. An ill-fitting bra can cause backrolls, unflattering underarm skin, backaches and poor posture.

English: A fresco depicting a Roman woman wear...

English: A fresco depicting a Roman woman wearing a primitive iteration of a brassiere. Pompeii between 62AD & 79AD. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tweakerz is a neat little accessory that takes bras and breathes new life into them.

Original Tweakerz adjusts from 3.75″ to 6.5″ length in 6 positions. Straps are about 3/4″ wide at the center and 1″ wide at the ends that hold the bra straps.

A patented design that includes four pieces that easily and interchangeably snaps together

Hides bra straps and provides lift, support and cleavage

Reduces strain on the neck and spine and provides back relief

Easy to use: Adjust the product to one of the width options and slip under the bra straps. Slide up or down to adjust


Invest in good shape-wear, like Spanx. Besides the instant confidence boost it will give you, your clothing will look and fit better. It does not matter your size or shape, there is shapewear to make you look good.

Uptown Spanx

Uptown Spanx (Photo credit: Yaletown Business Improvement Association)