Meet Mandy 

“Bye-bye cleavage crisis. Tweakerz will uplift your confidence–and your breasts!”, says Tweakerz Founder Mandy Krammel

What gal hasn’t held her bra straps up to see her breasts in the perfect position? Who hasn’t had a cleavage crisis–as in ‘where did it go’ or ‘I wish had more‘? As a mother of two, I can attest to this myself. As a former aesthetician and make-up artist, I always recognized the importance of body image. Throughout my career, I was privy to countless conversations and women’s “gab” sessions on beauty, babies and body image. Over the years, I realized that most women shared a surprising, yet common, frustration: their breasts. Whether it was size, shape, lack of cleavage, unexpected sagging, bra style frustrations, or the like, I continually heard the same complaints. But it wasn’t until I experienced this “bra-drama” for myself that I truly understood how my clients felt.

After giving birth to my first child, I noticed first-hand the toll pregnancy takes on a woman’s body–and our breasts in particular. For the first time in my life, I felt self-conscious and did not like the way I looked in my clothing. My favorite bras no longer fit the same and I found it difficult to find new styles that provided my ever-changing breasts with that desired perfect fit. I found that after pregnancy my bust lacked fullness and needed lift. But what could I do? For me, at this point, breast enhancement surgery was not an option. And so, began my desperate search for a solution to my newly found bra fit problems. To my surprise, I quickly discovered that what I  needed simply did not exist.  I tried unnatural feeling bra inserts. I tried uncomfortable bra styles that claimed extreme lift. I even tried using my daughter’s baby barrettes to support my bra straps. But it was after the birth of my second child,  that I really took matters into my own hands. Frustrated, I realized that my temporary baby barrette solution would, literally, no longer hold, so I have made it my mission to uplift the confidence–and breasts–of women like myself, giving them an option other than surgery. I realized that if I felt this way, there had to be plenty of other women that felt the same.

Since 8 out of 10 women wear the wrong size bra and, as we all know, one size does not fit all, I knew the need for a stylish bra accessory existed. Some women simply want to enhance their look, many long for a flattering fit, and still others want an accessory to convert regular bras to racerback styles, but nearly all can relate to the frustration of bra shopping. You know the feeling: beautiful bra, less-than-fabulous fit. Gapping in the corners, straps that won‘t stay put, styles that don’t work with evening attire and special occasion dresses, uncomfortable underwire – each were things I encountered on my own bra shopping trips – and I wanted a solution to each issue.  Unlike other bra accessories on the market, I wanted my product to offer women, comfort and total adjustability. I know that no two women’s breasts are alike and I wondered how it was that we could  be expected to all fit perfectly into general bra sizes. I knew that women needed something that could be customized to their specific needs, so my goal was to provide one stylish accessory to use with your entire bra wardrobe. And so, in 2006, I began the design and creation of Tweakerz.

Two years in the making and based on my baby barrette remedy, I scrutinized over the design and countless prototypes for Tweakerz. I spoke to multiple engineers and several manufacturers until I finally found the perfect team to understand the needs of women like me, and create a superior product. Thanks to those hardworking and patient individuals, I am able to provide women with a much needed solution to their bra needs. Tweakerz is fully adjustable, hypo-allergenic, easy to put on and, most important, comfortable. And best of all, it’s made right here in the USA. Bye-bye bra-drama. Bye-bye cleavage crisis. Tweakerz will uplift your confidence–and your breasts!

Customizable & Flexible

Creates Cleavage

Support & Lift

Hide Bra Straps

Easy to Put On