October ~ Breast Cancer Awareness Month ~ What You Can Do To Reduce YOUR Risk

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. There are many events and fund raisers held this month to help the people who battle breast cancer every year.Most of us know someone, or love someone, who has been touched or taken by breast cancer. By raising awareness of this disease and raising money, we can reduce the amount of lives lost.

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Peeking Under Clothing – Importance of Good Foundations & Accessories

Most things in life need good foundations, and the same applies to dressing. The importance of underwear that fits well and flatters your clothing should not be underestimated. It's the foundation of every outfit you wear.

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Smart Woman’s Guide to Cleavage Part I

Breast management deserves a guide, and we have one for you! The good news is, once you have one, you won't let it go!

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Wear Your Summer Clothes Into The New Fall Season!

There are other items of clothing, that while you may think of them as "summer wear", they can be used right through the Fall Season!

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Looking & Feeling Good Is Just Minutes Away!

We all need a quick pick me up and don't have much time to do it in. Looking your best on the outside reflects how great you feel about yourself on the inside!

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11 Tips on Summer Beauty & Looking Cool in the Heat

Summer is here and so is the heat! Here are some beauty tips for your skin and hair that will help you stay cool & look your best!

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Equinox Trunk Show in Aventura on June 14th 2012

Another successful Trunk Show was held at the Aventura Florida location of Equinox Fitness on June 14th!

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Equinox Fitness: Diversify Your Exercise Workout Tips

Getting the best results from your workout is being diverse. Diversity is incorporating into your workout routine a regimen that hits every muscle group from different perspectives. This is the most effective way to develop a toned and balanced body. It may sound simple but putting it into practice takes some organization and planning...

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SUMMER 2012 – The Skinny on Colored Denim

From wide to skinny styles, it's good to know what jeans look best on you! Find the freshest denim trends right here!

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